Times Insider Book Club: More on College Admissions Mania

(New York Times) By Insider Staff.  Do you think universities outside the U.S. with lower tuition rates, or, in some cases, tuition free, are a better choice? I am thinking mainly Canadian Universities and the U.K. and Europe. — Janice Badger Nelson Frank Bruni: It depends, of course, on the particular school, and I’m not nearly […]

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Why parents in Hong Kong and China use consultants to find US college places for their children

(South China Morning Post)   By Vivian Chiu.   Barely recovered from a gruelling flight back to Hong Kong after sending her son Evan to university in the US state of North Carolina, Doris Choy (not her real name) is gearing up for another round of college applications. Her daughter Chloe starts Year 10 in […]

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Helping level the AP playing field; why eighth grade math matters

(The Brookings Institution) By Liz Sablich For years, many schools across the U.S. have offered qualified students the ability to take advanced-level courses apart from many of their fellow students in a practice known as tracking. New data released in the 2016 Brown Center Report on American Education shed light on tracking, who it applies […]

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How high school seniors really pick the college they attend

(Washington Post) By Valerie Strauss, Mark Kantrowitz May 1 is otherwise known as Decision Day, when high school seniors around the country who are planning to attend college in the fall are expected to finally commit to one. A new report details exactly how students actually make the decision, as explained in this post by […]

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