Fall Test Prep Marketing Strategy II: Engagement

Last month we noted the importance of scheduling events in the Fall. We reasoned that events generate leads which in turn can generate enrollments. Interestingly, many folks with whom I speak tend to view event success based upon the number of attendees and enrollments. This is fair to be sure, particularly if one is hoping […]

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The Importance of Fall Events

Fall is an great time to be in the test prep or tutoring business.    Schools are back in session and both college and graduate school admissions are in high gear.   For most companies, this is an excellent time for enrollments and revenue generation.  For folks with an eye towards the future, this is also […]

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Tutor Recruitment is Important. Tutor Retention is Critical.

There is a unique and profound stress that comes from hearing your tutor has missed an assignment.  This can be worse if the assignment was missed and the tutor has become unresponsive. What essentially follows is a conversation with the parents during which a tutoring company owner is placed in the unenviable position of trying […]

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