TPAPT 2021 Summer Virtual Conference

This is our 7th Annual Professional Development Conference for Solopreneurs, Tutoring Owner-Operators, IECs, and Test Prep Professionals. We strive to generate practical takeaways related to Staffing, Operating, and Marketing a local test prep, tutoring, or college admissions advising practice.

Having said all of that, a major theme at this year’s conference will be Test Optional Admissions (TOA). As in the past, we will have a pro-test optional presentation and an anti-test optional presentation (and maybe even a scholarly debate). Regardless of your personal feelings toward TOA, these sessions will be data-based to help you draw your own inferences and adapt your local business practices appropriately. 

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Speaking of planning, we will discuss HR planning and employee retention with a two sessions related to training, compensating, and keeping academic talent. At the end of the day TPAPT members understand that the tutor, not the tutoring business, is the product they offer and the student outcomes are the proof-of-concept.

Beyond those major themes, we’ll have a great session on contemporary marketing practices with some easy-to-implement SEO and Social Media quick wins from Alex Asher of Learncube.

Annnnnd–we are really excited to explore how to partner with community based organizations to create a win-win for local educational groups and local tutoring companies. With the changing of the guard in Washington, there is a new Department of Education and new program funding. At the same time, there has been a good deal of public support for the efficacy of private tutoring particularly in the context of reducing the impact of Covid learning loss. A perfect storm of goodness for independent education? We think so!

Which brings us to Business Operations. Ever wonder what your #smallbutmighty business is worth? John Murray of NoodlePros will join us to talk about the acquisition process and how he calculates the value of educational service businesses.

Some basics about our conferences: 

• Sessions are basic but content heavy, run 60 minutes and have a 15 minute Q & A built into that hour

• Developed from an annual network survey

• Modeled after a business-offsite / academic conference

• Created specifically to empower local tutoring owner-operators and independent test prep professionals 

• Designed to generate takeaways which can be implemented in the days and weeks immediately following the conference.

Please join us if you can for the sessions / Q & As on July 22nd and 23rd. If you can’t make it, no worries, just register and we will send you the web recording(s) the week after the conference! Sign up for individual sessions or for the full conference. Web recordings will be made available and Watch Parties are encouraged;-)