Test Prep Professionals is a bit of a misnomer.   Our membership includes independent tutors & admissions specialists (IECs), as well as schools and not-for-profit organizations.   Our team includes former test prep & tutoring industry specialists and our mission is to empower and sustain independent tutoring, publicly funded institutions, and small firm entrepreneurs.   Our Founder, Kevin Organisciak, earned distinction as an executive with Kaplan Test Prep & Admissions from 1999 – 2009.


Background:    Test Prep Professionals (TPAPT)  grew from a content curation site to a niche consulting firm between 2009 – 2015. We’re an association of current/former K12 Entrepreneurs, Test Prep Industry Veterans, and Small Business Owner-Operators.   In 2016 TPAPT launched a professional networking site offering industry insights, employment listings, and a host of content based resources.  In 2017 we began piloting user-generated white-label content for use by what we like to call the “small but mighty” folks in the independent educational community.   In July we formed our current association – TPAPT – and hosted our first annual Test Prep, Admissions, and Private Tutoring Industry Meeting.


Our stand-alone services were designed to help established companies,schools, or organizations scale to keep up with contemporary products and services.  We’ve  focused on industry pain-points such as talent-sourcing,  CRM marketing, and new program implementation.   Our enterprise services have gone from proof-of-concept through Pilot. TPAPT At-School Programs & Services

TPAPT has recently begun offering Affiliate Services. These are essentially member developed programs designed to be white-labeled by other firms.   Before being released, TPAPT affiliate services go through the same process rigor as our stand-alone products.


At its heart, TPAPT is an association of educational enthusiasts who are mission-driven, authentic, and passionate about their pursuits. TPAPT Membership Levels were created to provide our version of what is needed to develop, sustain, or expand one’s education business.  Membership levels provide bundled ACT & SAT products, software as service (SAS), and content.   All services include end-to-end implementation and support.   View Memberships