Test Prep Professionals is a bit of a misnomer.   Our membership includes independent tutors & admissions specialists (IECs) as well as not-for-profit organizations (TPAPT).   Our leadership is composed of former test prep & tutoring industry specialists and our mission is to empower and sustain independent tutors and educational service firms.   We’re a not-for-profit service which provides proof-of-concept testing, free resources, and a host of white-label services for tutors and small educational service firms.  
Our Membership Levels provide our version of what is needed to develop, defend, or expand one’s business.  These services include process tools for test scoring, tutoring training,  and marketing.    Our stand-alone services include web-platforms, marketing plans, and academic program content.    

Not a joiner?  No problem.  Before we could bundle services for members we pilot-tested, curated, or independently developed a core of services.  Most, but not all, of our core services went  through proof-of-concept to Beta process.   

TPAPT Service Catalog

Free Community Member Benefits:

  • Student Request Aggregator (search individual requests for tutoring and college counseling)
  • Free ACT/SAT Test Bank, Answer Keys, and Explanations
  • Professional networking through testprepprofessionals.com

Some of Our Paid Member Benefits:

  • Tutoring & Admissions Business Tools, Marketing Guides, and Operational Support
  • Economical tools such as Test Scoring, White Label SAT & ACT Workbooks, and Boiler-Plate STEM and SAT/ACT Products.
  • Tutor Recruitment
  • Job Posting
  • Piped Blog Content
  • Score it Now!  White Label SAT & ACT Score Reports
  • Training Anytime Remote SAT & ACT Tutor Training through
  • SAT & ACT White Label Student Books & Instructor Guides