TPAPT was started in 2010 by Kevin Organisciak, M.Ed. Kevin co-created the Kaplan Higher Score/Money Back Guarantee in 2004.  The basic premise of that guarantee required students and tutors to be mutually accountable for academic success.  

The initiative was an industry game-changer; it required companies to more firmly stand behind their tutoring while also requiring students to take ownership of their effort.

TPAPT has grown since 2010 and is now a national consortium of Local Owner-Operator Tutoring & College Advising programs driven by a common desire to deliver on the promise of student success by constantly improving organizational effectiveness. 

Our members, friends, and affiliates observe a Code of Professional Ethics  in the form of clear expectation-setting and a straightforward tutoring guarantee.  

As a not-for-profit industry association TPAPT also offers Continuing Education, Standards-Based SAT/ACT Tutor Training, and White Label SAT/ACT tools to local businesses and community based organizations.  

If you are honest, believe in the power of education, and have a bit of an entrepreneurial bent, check out the rest of the site.  If you like what you see, we invite you to join the community.








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