TPAPT is an industry group which offers member-sourced solutions from over 1000 of the most committed Independent Educational Consultants, Professional Tutors, and Educational Service Providers.

We are ridiculously focused on test prep, metacognition, and educational access. Most of our members are those kids you may remember from high-school who liked taking tests and helping others with homework.

At any rate, what started out as a Linkedin interest group has turned into a consortium of smart and energetic solution creators.

Over time we have developed specific and detailed knowledge of the US K-20 ecosystem with a particular focus on how supplemental services such as test prep, tutoring, and educational planning fit in.

Our mission has been and will continue to be to empower individual tutors, independent firms, and local schools so that they, in turn, may empower their students and local communities.

To date, TPAPT has consulted to over 1000 schools, companies, and independent educators with projects ranging from engineering small company turn arounds to advising on large company acquisition strategy.

Our members are our colleagues and, together, we’ve built this group, www.testprepprofessionals.com, as well as a web-tutoring cooperative at www.tutocracy.com.

Lastly, we’re big proponents of “Growth Mindset” so, please reach out to info@testprepprofessionals.com if you have suggestions for site content, want to promote your blog/podcasts/videos, or if you have corrections to offer.

Warm regards,


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