The SAT is Going Digital

Test Content Is the Same

No matter how students take the test, they’ll need to demonstrate the same skills and knowledge. Learn what the tests measure:

Colleges Accept Digital SAT Scores

Digital test scores are valid and reliable, just like paper test scores. Students receive college reportable scores when they take the digital SAT (unless they take the test with accommodations allowed by their state but not approved by College Board).

Digital Tests Are Accessible to All

Students with disabilities can take the digital tests with accommodations that are the same or comparable to those they’d use when taking paper tests. Read more about accommodations.

Students Test in a Secure Browser

The secure browser protects the integrity of the tests. It prevents students from visiting websites during the test, using any unapproved applications or tools, and copying test information.

Schools Must Meet Technical Requirements

Schools must meet specific requirements for operating systems, web browsers, network configuration, and more. Read more about the digital testing technical requirements.

New Role: Technology Coordinator

Every digital test administration needs a designated staff member who can manage all technical aspects of digital testing, including setting up network configurations and making sure computers meet system requirements. Read more about the role of technology coordinator.

Bulk Registration Is Required

Bulk registration is the only way to register students for digital tests. It’s quick, easy, and saves you time.

Seating Requirements Are Different

Seating requirements for the digital tests differ from those for paper testing. This includes how desks are arranged, how far apart they have to be, and whether partitions are allowed. Read more about setting up digital testing rooms.