The Undervaluing of Guidance Counselors

(The Atlantic) By James Murphy — Teenagers make bad choices. Honestly, who doesn’t? For adolescents, however, who are armed with new responsibilities, opportunities, and bodies they are almost inevitably unprepared to deal with, the wrong decision can have serious, life-altering effects. For low-income adolescents who lack the safety net that comes with privilege, the wrong […]

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History of Admissions: YaleNews | Admissions changes for would-be freshmen announced

(YaleNews) The Office of Undergraduate Admissions recently released the essay topics that will appear on the 2016-2017 freshman application to Yale. Although most of the application will remain the same, the updated topics and application options will help to shed new light on applicants’ unique experiences with the communities to which they belong, their intellectual […]

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How big data transformed applying to college

(Slate)  By Cathy O’Neil — It’s September, so if there’s a high-school senior in your life, you’re getting down to work on college admissions. A generation ago, that meant visiting a few campuses, ponying up application fees, and filling out forms. That seems quaint now. Today’s college admissions process has gradually become dominated by a viper’s nest […]

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Debate About Impact of Ed Tech on Test Scores Fueled by Study

(Edweek)  By Jason Kazi — The latest attempt by researchers to determine the impact of educational technology investments on student achievement suggests that federal E-rate program subsidies that schools receive are unlikely to improve student test scores. This new study could fuel debates about the link between technology investments and student achievement. But several ed-tech […]

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