Khan Academy, College Board create an SAT practice program but impact unclear

(EdSurge) By Larry Gordon. Ten students, most of them 11th-graders striving to become the first in their families to attend college, gathered recently for an after-school program at the Boys and Girls Club in San Pedro. The attraction: a new online practice programfrom the Khan Academy for upcoming SAT exams, a tool that could boost their […]

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National Assessment of Educational Progress Shows No Progress

(Non Profit Quarterly) By Jim Schaeffer.    School reform is a reliable presidential apple of discord. NPR reports that the latest National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) results will give our candidates much to debate: “Most High School Seniors Aren’t College or Career Ready, Says ‘Nation’s Report Card’” This test measures how well the nation’s students do […]

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Common Core Exams Drive Demand for Tutors

(NY City Lens) By Krutika Pathi.     Months before the fourth grade Common Core exams, Caroline Fisher, who lives in Carroll Gardens, went online and found a tutor specially experienced in teaching the Common Core curriculum for middle school students. Her daughter, Ava Fisher, who is in the fourth grade, now spends 10 hours […]

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Educated Advice: Demystifying admission to top universities

(Chicago Tribune)  By Gerald Bradshaw| | There is much misinformation about applying for admission to a top college or university. I will attempt to demystify the process. Some students have vague ideas about privilege, gothic spires and crewing on the Charles River. These ideas are certainly aspirational, but should be considered peripheral when making your […]

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New U.S. rules for standardized testing have been drafted. Here’s what they mean for kids

(Washington Post) By Valerie Strauss| | Last December, Congress passed a new federal education law called the Every Student Succeeds Act, replacing No Child Left Behind. With it will come new rules for states to follow regarding standardized testing for “accountability” purposes. Negotiators have agreed on draft rules, which will soon be released so the […]

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