Need Experience? Check Out Our Tutor Development Program!

There is no substitute for experience when it comes to effective tutoring.

Although plenty of us have  have tutored family members, friends that experience only partially equates to a professional tutoring student contact hour.

Professional tutoring includes not only the ability to help someone with homework, it includes demonstrable subject mastery, pre-planned lessons, and a basic grasp of one-to-one instructional methodology.

So we created the  TPAPT  Tutor Development Program.  The training covers tutoring pedagogy, process, and lesson planning and then leads directly to practical training through live-online tutoring through TPAPT or its certified providers.   

Here’s how it works:

• Complete Basic Tutor Training *$49

• Build a profile through on our site

• Set your tutoring rate 

• Invite students and start tutoring live-online 

• Accrue student contact hours and update your tutoring profile

• Apply for Insider Jobs with a TPAPT member company

• Renew afer 12 months

*Trainees may request a partial fee waiver if they are sponsored by member compan

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