Training & Development: TPAPT Conferences & Web Recordings

Professional Development for Independent Educational Consultants

Please join us, virtually, for the 5th Annual Conference for Tutors, Test Prep Businesses, and Independent College Counselors July 29th & 30th.

The TPAPT conference is set up much like a business-offsite and is designed to maximize content yield; we strive to generate practical take-aways that one can implement in the days, weeks, and months following the conference. 

In the past, we’ve focused on such things as training & development, marketing tactics, leadership development, and operational best practices.  This year we will spend time on those topics with some drilling down into Best Practice SEO marketing and Business Positioning in the era of Covid-19. 

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Session fees range from Free to $50 and registration for the full event is $199.

Lastly, we know meetings like this are hard to attend so we always  do our best to provide access to presentation decks and web recordings shortly after the conference!  #smallbutmightyconference

Contact us to learn more or ask questions.