TPAPT 2020 Conference Web Recordings

The TPAPT conference is set up much like a business-offsite and is designed to maximize content yield; we strive to generate practical take-aways that one can implement in the weeks and months following the conference.

Our official agenda is generated surveying over 10,000 test prep & tutoring professionals and this year is no different.  Take the 2019 Survey.

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These 11 Inactions Will Kill Your Reputation as a Leader

(Inc.)  By Scott Mautz — As a leader, you don’t want to be defined by the things you didn’t do.  Unfortunately, there’s plenty of Monday morning quarterbacks who will take pot shots at you for the plays you didn’t run.  So here’s the rest of the playbook.  Take action on these painful omissions: 1. Failure to make a decision Indecision can paralyze an […]

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Sooo…you want to be a tutor?

If you are a casual follower of these posts you probably know that I’ve done a fair amount of talent acquisition.   At Kaplan most of that experience involved finding talented administrators, engaging marketing reps, and enthusiastic teaching prospects. What I learned through trial and error was that there is no substitute for integrity, humility, and […]

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