3 Facts About Aid, Tuition for Out-of-State Students

( US News ) By Farran Powell Mississippi is a long way from Upstate New York, but Allie Hanson wanted to attend a public university out of state and chose her school based on its aid award. “Mississippi State has awesome merit-based packages,” says the 19-year-old sophomore, of Clifton Park, New York. “Because I got a 30 on my […]

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History of Test Prep: New SAT, old problems

(The Brown Daily Herald) By Ameer Malik —   I apologize in advance for bringing up the SAT. For quite a few students, including myself, that acronym unearths memories of thick books and No. 2 pencils that are better left buried. But just because many of us here at Brown have already taken the test […]

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Personalized Learning: What Does the Research Say?

(Edweek) By Benjamin Herold The K-12 sector is investing heavily in technology as a means of providing students with a more customized educational experience. So far, though, the research evidence behind “personalized learning” remains thin. The U.S. Department of Education has given half a billion dollars to districts that embrace the trend, with limited findings to date. […]

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