Applicants Need to Know a College’s Priorities

  As reported by Forbes —a recent Case Studies Program for seven Tampa Bay independent schools hosted by Berkeley Preparatory School , required Juniors and their parents to read and consider three applicants to fictional “Prestigious University.” I posted about a similar exercise last fall with Does Your Application Have Coherence and Congruence?, but the takeaway this time was different and also […]

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SATs Will Put Stronger Emphasis on Graphic Literacy

As reported by Scientific American, “Fortune favors the prepared mind,” as Louis Pasteur once said. So as school revs up this month, so do SAT prep classes. Students might be surprised, however, at the amount of time dedicated to visual literacy skills. The increased focus on graphics is designed to prepare an estimated 1.6 million college-bound […]

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Big Data’s Influence On College Admission Is Growing

By Willard Dix. A recent tweet from Big Brother, er, Netflix, gave many subscribers pause. Whatever and however we watch the service, we seldom realize that “they” are watching us as well. The tweet, sent not by an individual but by Netflix US, said, “To the 53 people who’ve watched A Christmas Prince every day for the past 18 […]

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The Reality of Test-Optional College Admissions

The Reality of the Testing-Optional Trend   Abstract The trend of Testing-Optional institutions (colleges that do not require students to submit SAT or ACT results) has been increasing, from one school in 1969 to over 850 at present. Schools routinely opt into a Testing-Optional policy under the stated goals of increased socioeconomic and ethnic diversity […]

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