Should I Take the SAT Subject Tests? Should I Really Start Testing in 9th Grade?

(Highschool2college) Guest Blogger:  Wendy Segal   ||   . I have written in the past with answers to frequently asked questions.  Now I’m writing about one of the most frequently UNASKED questions.  It seems that everyone knows you have to take SATs or ACTs to apply to most colleges, but SAT Subject Tests aren’t on many […]

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Why do Chinese students think it’s OK to cheat?

(South China Morning Post)  By Kelly Yang– Cheating is now officially a criminal offence in China. Students found guilty of cheating in the notoriously difficult university entranceexam will now face up to seven years in prison. Many are calling the punishment overly harsh. Even so, I think it’s exactly what China needs, if it is enforced […]

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May 2017 Marketing & Strategic Brief

Discord Over Concordance– New SAT Score Results were released this month.  Preliminary results showed an increased in the average score BUT (yes, there is a big but) the concordance between old and new SAT’s is at issue. Said differently, a 1400 on the New SAT is closer to  1370 on the previous (old) SAT.  So, while students […]

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