How artificial intelligence is transforming learning

By Kevin Rands (CIO).

 In an increasingly polarized country, we all share one thing in common: everyone has taken a standardized test. Whether it was the SAT, ACT, GMAT, LSAT, or some other exam, we have all sat at a desk and fretted about the impact our performance might have on our future.

Well, today’s kids are about to become a degree further removed from our shared childhood experiences, because they likely will not have to prepare for these tests with oversized test prep books. But where we criticize today’s youth for not playing outside, we can only envy them for the educational resources coming their way.

Before we dive into how cool that technology could be, let’s zoom out and look at education technology (edtech) as an industry, because it is booming. Shalina Chatlani writing for Education Dive explains, “The education technology market is growing rapidly and expected to hit $252 billion globally by 2020, according to the 2017 Kahoot! EdTrends Report, which identifies four major trends in ed tech based on a survey of 50 million active users, and 580 U.S. teachers.”

That begs the question, what is all that money being spent on?

The good news is, it is going after the most intractable problems we have all faced in the education system: college application processes, continuing education, peer to peer study guides, and yes, standardized test preparation.  Read the article