Upping the content difficulty on college admissions tests

(The Salem News) By Neil Bernstein — Both the SAT and the ACT have significantly increased the level of difficulty of their respective math sections. Also, since the recent changes in the SAT, most of the substantial content differences between the tests, especially those in math, have been eliminated. However, the ACT has recently further […]

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2,900 Admitted Early Action to Class of 2021

(The Heights)  By Connor Murphy — The Office of Undergraduate Admission admitted 2,900 students to the Boston College Class of 2021 in December, about 33 percent of a pool of 9,000. Last year’s early action acceptance rate was 32 percent, with a pool of about 8,500 applicants, marking a 5 percent increase this year in early applications. […]

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Chinese firm withdraws from U.S. effort to fight college application fraud

(Reuters) A major Chinese education company that was subsidizing a project to verify transcripts of Chinese students applying to U.S. colleges has pulled out after Reuters reported that the firm itself stands accused of widespread application fraud. Shanghai-based Dipont Education Management Group “has withdrawn from the project,” Jerome Lucido, who heads a University of Southern […]

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