Was the August SAT Compromised?

By Scott Jaschik (Inside Higher Ed).

As students left testing centers nationwide Saturday, having finished taking the SAT, reports started to circulate that some may have had an unfair advantage because of leaked versions of the test that had been circulating in South Korea and China.

Posts to Twitter and elsewhere on social media featured images with Saturday’s test questions, indicating that they had been available earlier in Asia.

This post at left was quickly followed by others, generally saying that the August SAT contained questions from one given in the fall and/or leaked in the fall in Asia. People who work with students who took the SAT reported that their clients confirmed the questions were on Saturday’s SAT.

Saturday’s SAT was not given outside the United States, and no one could necessarily know that the questions used in Asia in the fall would be used in the United States this weekend. Nonetheless, someone who saw the test questions in Asia and then took the test in the United States Saturday would have an advantage. Given the more limited test schedules in Asia, some wealthy Chinese and Korean students do travel to the United States to take the SAT.  Read the Full Article