Test Prep & Tutoring Professionals Announces – Training Anytime SAT/ACT Tutor Certification

Test Prep & Tutoring Professionals has Launched an SAT/ACT Tutor Certification Program through its
“Training Anytime” Learning Management System

Boston, MA, November 23, 2018 –(PR.com)– The quality of today’s test prep tutor is generally related to past success on the SAT/ACT, familiarity with the test’s academic content, and the ability to quickly identify and explain question-types and solution tactics

The problem is that the ability to identify question-types requires an understanding of the test maker’s question taxonomy as well as the ability to apply a tactic which may or may not have been learned at some point in the tutor’s past.

To that end, Test Prep & Tutoring Professionals (TPAPT) has launched an SAT/ACT Tutor Certification Program called “Training Anytime.”  Training Anytime is an LMS which includes over 35 hours of video instruction and access to specific SAT/ACT solution strategies.

The program was designed to accelerate a tutor’s familiarity with test content, question-types, and the specific tactics used to solve classic question traps.

Tutors who successfully complete the program are then certified through a series of lesson teach-backs delivered by a TPAPT Master Tutor.  Our hope is that this training will help high-potential school subject tutors transition efficaciously to SAT/ACT prep.

To learn more about TPAPT’s Tutor Certification Program or our other consulting services please email us at: teach@testprepprofessionals.com