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College Admissions Narrative

In Post-Trial Brief, NAACP Legal Defense Fund Defends Harvard’s Admissions Policy

Camille G. Caldera and Sahar M. Mohammadzadeh (Harvard Crimson) The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Legal Defense and Educational Fund argued that Harvard’s race-conscious admissions process is “necessary to reap the educational benefits of diversity” in a document filed in federal court Wednesday. The filing — submitted months after a trial in the case wrapped up — marks the latest development in a lawsuit…
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An Inside Look at the Harvard Admissions Process

BY DELANO R. FRANKLIN AND MOLLY C. MCCAFFERTY, CRIMSON STAFF WRITERS In the coming months, tens of thousands of Harvard hopefuls around the globe will grit their teeth, cross their fingers, and click “Submit” on applications to attend the world’s top-ranked university. The vast majority will fail. Harvard — the second-most selective four-year college in the United States — typically sees an acceptance rate of…
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Dartmouth Admissions Up 9%

By Gabriel Onate (The Dartmouth). Last week, the College reported a total of 22,005 applications for the Class of 2022, marking a percent increase in applications compared to last year. Applications for the Class of 2021 totaled 20,034. Co-founder of college admissions consulting firm Top Tier Admissions Mimi Doe said she had several theories that could explain the increase in applicants. Working with students around…
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Harvard Agrees to Turn Over Records Amid Discrimination Inquiry

By Anemona Hartocollis (The New York Times).  Harvard University has agreed to turn over years of confidential applicant and student records to the United States Justice Department, which has opened an aggressive investigation into whether the university has systematically discriminated against Asian-American applicants, officials said Friday. It was the first time that Harvard had agreed to provide access to records under terms that the Justice…
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Maker Of GRE Thinks GRE Is A Valid Test For Law Schools

By Kathryn Rubino (Above the Law). Change is in the air, and it’s more than just the weather on this blustery Halloween day. If you’ve been paying attention to developments in legal education you’ve noticed the dramatic uptick in law schools — even incredibly prestigious ones — accepting the GRE in lieu of the LSAT as a component of admissions. Harvard Law, Columbia, Northwestern, Georgetown,…
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