Inside the SAT Goldmine

(PYMNTS) — Most people will never once think about their SAT score once they’ve submitted it to the college of their choice. But for a brief but highly meaningful amount of time, most budding American college students (and their parents) stress big time about taking the SAT tests. It’s a very, very big deal since it is more or […]

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Buying Co-op for tutors and educational service professionals

Test Prep Professionals has launched a Buying Co-op for boutique tutoring firms as well as independent admissions counselors.  We’re calling the co-op Tutocracy  (too-tah-cruh-see). Although we have a number of providers, we’re still in the nascent stages of development.  If you have a product or service that could benefit our membership, we’d be pleased to have a […]

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SAT Super-scoring Guide

We’ve added a couple of items from industry heavy-weights COMPASS and The Princeton Review. Available at -Compass 360: Guide to College Admissions Testing which does an admirable job of explaining how colleges and universities will be approaching the following: 1) ACT superscore, SAT superscore, and Score Choice policies 2) ACT and New SAT score ranges […]

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