How much longer will students be willing to go away to college?

(The Washington Post) by Jeffrey J. Selingo. As the last of the college acceptances roll in for high school seniors this month, it’s likely more of those offers than ever before will be coming from campuses far from home. Over the last two decades, the number of students traveling a significant distance to college has […]

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Numbers of AP Test-Takers Continue to Rise

(Edweek) By Jaclyn Zubrzycki. The number of high school students taking Advanced Placement exams continued to grow last year, and more of the test-takers were from low-income families, according to the College Board’s latest annual report on the program. In the high school graduating class of 2016, 1.1 million students took at least one Advanced […]

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May 2017 Marketing & Strategic Brief

Discord Over Concordance– New SAT Score Results were released this month.  Preliminary results showed an increased in the average score BUT (yes, there is a big but) the concordance between old and new SAT’s is at issue. Said differently, a 1400 on the New SAT is closer to  1370 on the previous (old) SAT.  So, while students […]

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