We’re a not-for-profit group made up of former test prep & tutoring industry specialists.  Our services include marketing, operational, and academic support to independent tutors, boutique education service firms, and not-for-profit entities.    Our services include operational, marketing, and academic programs.  
Membership levels are designed to suit individual tutors & college counselors, small test prep & admissions firms, and not-for-profit educational service providers.   Each level contains the core services one needs to scale a test prep, tutoring, and admissions counseling service.  

Our core services have been developed by industry specialists and have gone through proof-of-concept, pilot, and Beta process. 

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We’ll be holding our first industry conference July 20 & 21 at Boston University and we’ll be focusing a bit on the integration of small tutoring with elite college counseling and vice-versa.  More to come…

Free Community Member Benefits:

  • Student Request Aggregator (search individual requests for tutoring and college counseling)
  • Free ACT/SAT Test Bank, Answer Keys, and Explanations
  • Professional networking through testprepprofessionals.com

Some of Our Paid Member Benefits:

  • Tutoring & Admissions Business Tools, Marketing Guides, and Operational Support
  • Economical tools such as Test Scoring, White Label SAT & ACT Workbooks, and Boiler-Plate STEM and SAT/ACT Products.
  • Tutor recruitment
  • Job Posting
  • Piped Blog Content
  • Score it Now!  White Label SAT & ACT Score Reports
  • Remote SAT & ACT Tutor Training through Training Anytime
  • Enrollment in the Buying Cooperative