TPAPT K12 – MineCrafters

Social Studies & Minecraft Together!

Course:  MineCrafters-Metrocity

Tuition:  $120


Class Experience

Six, 90 Minute Meetings, Held 1x Per Week in Our Virtual World
Students learn economics, civics, geometry and how democracy works as they join together to create a city within a virtual Minecraft world. Minecraft is a limitless platform for students to learn academic skills in a highly engaging virtual environment. In this problem-solving class, students design their own house and business as they learn about budgeting, profit and loss, and supply and demand. As they serve on a city council, they study how laws are made and work together to create and vote on a city constitution. They work in committees to make key decisions and design buildings for their city. Students use mathematics and geometry to construct a working urban environment. STEM skills have never been so fun!



We use a public domain version of Minecraft called Minetest which is nearly identical but which works better for our civics-based purposes. We can also create mods easier and have multiple cities within one state. Best of all, it’s free. 🙂 We send out detailed instructions for how to download and install the program about a week before class begins. The program does not generally work with tablets or chromebooks.

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June 2nd Class, Tuesdays

Class meets Tuesdays for 90 minutes. Students will need access to a computer.

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June 4th Class,

Class meets Thursdays for 90 minutes. Students will need access to a computer.

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June 19th Class,

Class meets Fridays for 90 minutes from 11:30am US Eastern Time. Students will need access to a computer.

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