Tutor Referral Program

Our tutor referral program matches student requests with local or web based members based on your tutoring expertise, educational background, teaching/learning style and past student outcomes.

Our Code of Ethics:

  • • We embrace Growth Mindset pedagogy.
  • • We believe in a full-throated commitment to student outcomes in the form of a clear refund policy. 
  • • We observe the utmost in professionalism as it relates to timeliness, appearance, and  session preparation.
  • • We defer to proactive communication with students and parents.
  • • We only claim expertise in areas which we are demonstrably…experts.  
  • • We are privately driven to expand student access to elite tutoring and K12 advising services. 

If you are comfortable following this code, contact us to learn more.  Or, if you are ready to apply now, go for it!

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