Welcome to TPAPT!   Here is a living version of our FAQ.  Please jump to the web-form that follows to add suggestions or requests.

  • Who / what is TPAPT?   

We’re an association of independent tutors, test prep professionals, and college counselors.  We offer member-based services designed to help turn-around, modernize, or scale the #smallbutmighty independent education community.   Our team is a loose-knit group of entrepreneurs and nerds from within the US K-12 Test Prep & Admissions Industry.  We offer consulting, project management, and white-label tools through our store.

  • How do I change my user/pass?

After receiving your confirmation email, return to the site and log-in!  

  • How do I contribute articles (blog)?

Email teach@testprepprofessionals.com,  Subject: Contribute

  • Tell me about blog attribution

Blogs are credited to the writer.  

  • How do I edit/update my professional profile?

After reciept of your confirmation email, scroll to “Returning Member Login” section on the lower right of the home page.  Enter username and  password to access  your profile.   Upload an image and a background image to promote yourself! [video]

  • How do push my Linkedin Profile to TPAPT?

Click one of the social icons on the home page.

  • Where are the Jobs for Experienced Tutors and IECs? 

Two places:   our Job Aggregator or the TPAPT Insider Positions  page.

We rely on your feedback and realize our site is  DIY — but we’re always looking to improve.  Please share your thoughts about how we can enhance site navigation, add services, or improve what we already have!

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