Welcome to TPAPT!   Here is a living version of our FAQ.  Please jump to the web-form that follows to add suggestions or requests.

  • Who / what is TPAPT?   

We’re an association of independent tutors, test prep professionals, and college counselors.  We offer member-based services designed to help turn-around, modernize, or scale the #smallbutmighty independent education community.   Our team is a loose-knit group of entrepreneurs and nerds from within the US K-12 Test Prep & Admissions Industry.  We offer consulting, project management consulting and white-label tools through our service catalog.

  • How do I change my user/pass?

After receiving your confirmation email, return to the site and log-in!  

  • How do I contribute articles (blog)?

Email teach@testprepprofessionals.com,  Subject: Contribute

  • Tell me about blog attribution

Blogs are credited to the writer.  

  • How do push my Linkedin Profile to TPAPT?

Click one of the social icons on the home page.

  • Where are the Jobs for Experienced Tutors and IECs? 

The TPAPT Insider Positions  page.

We rely on your feedback and realize our site is  DIY — but we’re always looking to improve.  Please share your thoughts about how we can enhance site navigation, add services, or improve what we already have!

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