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When should my student start preparing for the ACT or SAT?
06/04/2017 Product Development

When should my student start focusing on test prep?

This is a question that I get asked quite often – especially this time of year! As a test prep expert, I recommend starting prep the summer between Sophomore and Junior year of high school, with the goal of taking the ACT or SAT in the fall of Junior year. Let me explain:

  • During the summer, most high school students have more free time. Most parents have the desire to prevent the “summer slump” where when kids aren’t using their brains as much! Test prep is the perfect opportunity to use free time to start working on something that can make a huge difference to your student’s future!
  • I don’t recommend starting intense test prep before Junior year due to potential burnout. Now that said, I have had some parents insist on starting earlier; I do find that these kids struggle with motivation.
    • If you really want your child to work on something before Junior year, I recommend reading! Here is a great website that offers reading passages that match your child’s reading level.

Why take the ACT or SAT in the fall?

Taking the ACT or SAT at the beginning of Junior year can help your student figure out where they stand and what the testing schedule should be for the year.

The ACT is offered: September, October, December, February, April, and June (ACT is adding another test date in July starting 2018)
The SAT is offered: August, October, November, December, March, May, June

Some students might hit their goal on their first test in the fall! Wouldn’t that reduce some stress Junior year? Or a student might hit their goal in the fall and then decide that their goal was too low! If your student doesn’t hit their goal out of the gate, at least he or she will know what needs to be done over the course of the year to get there!

Is my student “behind” if we don’t start before Junior year?

Not at all! I would say the majority of students start preparing during the spring of their Junior year. There is nothing wrong with this at all! The reason I recommend starting earlier is so that your student will have more time to achieve their goal score. If your student starts prepping in Spring of Junior year, there is a chance that they will taking the tests in the fall of their Senior year.

Happy prepping!

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