Web Based SAT, ACT Tutoring Certification

Our SAT & ACT “train the trainer,” known as TrainingAnytime,  has been designed to help educators learn the unique pedagogy required to simplify and teach SAT or ACT Test Prep. The training is standardized, measurable, and administered by certified training tutors from the ranks of our membership.  
Here is a deeper dive into TrainingAnytime: 
• 30 hours of SAT (or ACT ) training lessons 
• A full course blueprint for use in lesson planning
• Question analysis matrix
• Concept mastery support for 12 months
Here are the certification tracks:
• SAT Full Test
• ACT Full Test
• SAT Reading, Writing, Essay
• ACT English, Reading, Writing
• SAT Math
• ACT Math & Science Reasoning
• SAT/ACT Full Tests
• Combined SAT/ACT Section Specialization

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