The Reality of Test-Optional College Admissions

The Reality of the Testing-Optional Trend   Abstract The trend of Testing-Optional institutions (colleges that do not require students to submit SAT or ACT results) has been increasing, from one school in 1969 to over 850 at present. Schools routinely opt into a Testing-Optional policy under the stated goals of increased socioeconomic and ethnic diversity […]

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Why do U.S. News rankings punish test-optional colleges?

By David Rosen (The Washington Post). Every year around this time U.S. News & World Report issues its ranked list of America’s “best” colleges. And every year an inevitable handwringing ensues – among academics, anyway – about what the rankings mean, and whether they’re of any use at all. Pose this question to most professionals […]

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Is Dropping the SAT/ACT Requirement the New Norm?

By Alicia Simeone ( Westchester Magazine). Applying to college is no simple task. Prospective students must finish high school classes, maintain a good GPA and class ranking, all while filling out college applications, writing essays, and preparing for the dreaded SAT or ACT. Sounds stressful, right? Well, if SUNY Purchase College has anything to say, that’s all about […]

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Test Optional—Or Maybe Not

(IECA)  By Elizabeth Stone, PhD (IECA) (CA) — The role of standardized testing in college admissions is one that has been contested and questioned throughout its history. Although the SAT and the ACT serve, to an extent, the purpose of “objectively” comparing students across the globe, the equity of the tests is quite limited. They […]

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