College Scholarships Award High School Activists

(US News) by Arthur Murray. Since at least the turbulent 1960s, student activists have a history of promoting change, both in U.S. society and overseas. Protests on college campuses have been common, but high school students also push for change and advocate for causes. In addition to leading social change, student activism can earn high schoolers scholarships for college. […]

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What Makes Admissions Officers More Likely to Admit Low-Income Students?

(Edweek) by Catherine Gewertz. A newly published study shows that admission officers at selective colleges are more likely to offer spots to low-income students if they have a better understanding of the high schools those students attend. The study suggests that a relatively simple intervention—providing additional details about the context from which a student comes—could […]

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Facts about aid, tuition for out-of-state students

(US News) By Farran Powell — Mississippi is a long way from Upstate New York, but Allie Hanson wanted to attend a public university out of state and chose her school based on its aid award. “Mississippi State has awesome merit-based packages,” says the 19-year-old sophomore, of Clifton Park, New York. “Because I got a 30 on my ACT, […]

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