An ‘Easy’ SAT and Terrible Scores

By Scott Jaschik (Inside Higher Ed). When students took the SAT in June, many of them reported that the mathematics portion seemed unusually easy. They were correct. But on Wednesday, many discovered that an SAT that is easier than expected can turn an expected 760 score into a 610 or worse. For rising high school […]

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PSAT-related scores increase across most racial groups, grade levels

By Richard Bammer (The Reporter). The first two years of PSAT-related results, released Tuesday, show an increase in student performance across nearly all racial and ethnic groups and grade levels. Between the 2015-16 and 2016-17 school years, average math and reading and writing scores increased, and a greater percentage of students were on track for […]

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Who Benefits From the Expansion of AP Classes?

By Alina Tugand (The New York Times Magazine). … A.P. U.S. government, like the 38 other A.P. courses developed by the College Board, a nonprofit organization, is a difficult class. Students are expected to read college-level textbooks, grasp complicated vocabulary and concepts and spend 30 minutes to an hour each night on homework. At the […]

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ACT Agrees to Provide Scores for Students Caught in Ohio Testing Snafu

(Education Week) by  Catherine Gewertz. The ACT has agreed to provide college-admissions scores for nearly 2,800 students in Ohio and Tennessee, after first refusing to score those students’ exams because of a mixup in test administration. In April, 1,300 juniors from 21 school districts in Ohio and 1,492 juniors from 10 schools in Tennessee took […]

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