History of Test Prep: SAT subject tests lose favor for colleges

(The Boston Globe)  By Laura Krantz— Several top New England colleges have joined a growing number of schools nationally that no longer require applicants to submit scores from SAT subject tests, saying the specialized exams lend little insight into students’ readiness and can work against low-income and minority students. In the past year, Amherst College, […]

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SAT Subject Tests See Steep Decline in Participation

(Edweek) By Catherine Gewertz–Lots of attention has been heaped on the fact that more and more students are taking the SAT or ACT. But little notice has been given to an opposite trend: the quiet slipping-away of the SAT Subject Tests. Once known as the SAT II, and, before that, the SAT Achievement Tests, these […]

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Do You Need to Take Subject Tests?

(Atlanta Jewish Times) by Mark L. Fisher.   For months, juniors and seniors have been taking the SAT or the ACT. Either will suffice for almost every four-year college that requires an entrance exam. Yes, some colleges are test-optional now. Tutoring agencies have been busy helping some students prepare for these tests, which certainly play […]

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Should I Take the SAT Subject Tests? Should I Really Start Testing in 9th Grade?

(Highschool2college) Guest Blogger:  Wendy Segal   ||   . I have written in the past with answers to frequently asked questions.  Now I’m writing about one of the most frequently UNASKED questions.  It seems that everyone knows you have to take SATs or ACTs to apply to most colleges, but SAT Subject Tests aren’t on many […]

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