Upping the content difficulty on college admissions tests

(The Salem News) By Neil Bernstein — Both the SAT and the ACT have significantly increased the level of difficulty of their respective math sections. Also, since the recent changes in the SAT, most of the substantial content differences between the tests, especially those in math, have been eliminated. However, the ACT has recently further […]

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New SAT, old problems

(The Brown Daily Herald) By Ameer Malik —   I apologize in advance for bringing up the SAT. For quite a few students, including myself, that acronym unearths memories of thick books and No. 2 pencils that are better left buried. But just because many of us here at Brown have already taken the test […]

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The remarkable academic superiority of high school girls vs. high school boys

(American Enterprise Institute) By Mark Perry — Above is a table summarizing new data just released by The College Board on the academic records of the 1.64 million US high school students who took the SAT in 2016 (see my recent CD post on gender differences on the SAT math test here). As you can clearly see, these data provide […]

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Actually, 50 years of test scores DO confirm that boys outperform girls on the SAT math test

(American Enterprise Institute) By Mark Perry — In response to my recent CD post about the gender differences on the math SAT scores over the last half century “2016 SAT test results confirm pattern that’s persisted for 50 years — high school boys are better at math than girls,” AEI research assistants Wendy Morrison and Grace Finley […]

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