Monthly Marketing Plan

TPAPT || October 2017 Strategic Brief.   As we approach October, we should see differential growth across test prep & admissions revenue streams.  SAT/ACT Score Release dates in September, combined with both an earlier FAFSA window in October and impending Early Action/Decision college admissions deadlines will drive this demand. If the latest U.S. economic data  is to […]

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August 2017 | Test Prep & Tutoring Marketing Strategy

Test Prep Professionals || August 2017 Strategic Brief Because there is an SAT test administration on August 26th, we expect August 2017 to be far better than August 2016. For that reason, it is ideal for SAT & ACT Short Courses, Tutoring Bundles, and Classroom Bootcamps. Industry leading test prep companies are likely to offer […]

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Sooo…you want to be a tutor?

If you are a casual follower of these posts you probably know that I’ve done a fair amount of talent acquisition.   At Kaplan most of that experience involved finding talented administrators, engaging marketing reps, and enthusiastic teaching prospects. What I learned through trial and error–and there was a great deal of error–was that there is […]

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