Educated Advice: Demystifying admission to top universities

(Chicago Tribune)  By Gerald Bradshaw| | There is much misinformation about applying for admission to a top college or university. I will attempt to demystify the process. Some students have vague ideas about privilege, gothic spires and crewing on the Charles River. These ideas are certainly aspirational, but should be considered peripheral when making your […]

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Greater Competition for College Places Means Higher Anxiety, Too

(New York Times) By Anemona Hartocollis. As the frenzied college application season draws to a close, and students across the country mull their choices, many colleges are trumpeting that it was the most selective year ever. But high school guidance counselors and admissions experts say the heightened competition has turned the process into a anxiety-ridden […]

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Big Data’s Influence On College Admission Is Growing

By Willard Dix. A recent tweet from Big Brother, er, Netflix, gave many subscribers pause. Whatever and however we watch the service, we seldom realize that “they” are watching us as well. The tweet, sent not by an individual but by Netflix US, said, “To the 53 people who’ve watched A Christmas Prince every day for the past 18 […]

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