How big data transformed applying to college

(Slate)  By Cathy O’Neil — It’s September, so if there’s a high-school senior in your life, you’re getting down to work on college admissions. A generation ago, that meant visiting a few campuses, ponying up application fees, and filling out forms. That seems quaint now. Today’s college admissions process has gradually become dominated by a viper’s nest […]

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Inside the SAT Goldmine

(PYMNTS) — Most people will never once think about their SAT score once they’ve submitted it to the college of their choice. But for a brief but highly meaningful amount of time, most budding American college students (and their parents) stress big time about taking the SAT tests. It’s a very, very big deal since it is more or […]

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Buying Co-op for tutors and educational service professionals

Test Prep Professionals has launched a Buying Co-op for boutique tutoring firms as well as independent admissions counselors.  We’re calling the co-op Tutocracy  (too-tah-cruh-see). Although we have a number of providers, we’re still in the nascent stages of development.  If you have a product or service that could benefit our membership, we’d be pleased to have a […]

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History of Test Prep: SAT subject tests lose favor for colleges

(The Boston Globe)  By Laura Krantz— Several top New England colleges have joined a growing number of schools nationally that no longer require applicants to submit scores from SAT subject tests, saying the specialized exams lend little insight into students’ readiness and can work against low-income and minority students. In the past year, Amherst College, […]

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