Big Data’s Influence On College Admission Is Growing

By Willard Dix. A recent tweet from Big Brother, er, Netflix, gave many subscribers pause. Whatever and however we watch the service, we seldom realize that “they” are watching us as well. The tweet, sent not by an individual but by Netflix US, said, “To the 53 people who’ve watched A Christmas Prince every day for the past 18 […]

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Here’s how Penn, like many other Universities, is using Big Data to recruit new students

(The Daily Pennsylvanian) by Rebecca Lieberman.  It’s well known that applications like Spotify and Netflix use Big Data to recommend music and movies. Now, colleges are using similar methods to target high schoolers they want to recruit. Big Data, which refers to extremely large sets of information, has become a crucial marketing tool for universities. At Penn, the […]

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Colleges’ Endless Pursuit of Students

(The Atlantic) by Jeffrey Selingo.   April is decision month for high-school seniors who still haven’t made up their minds about where they’re attending college next fall. With students applying to more schools than ever before—more than one-third now apply to at least seven schools—many seniors are likely weighing multiple offers as well as competing financial-aid […]

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