Why Penn reversed its standardized testing policy

(The Daily Pennsylvanian) By Julia Bell — Penn has good news for high schoolers who have already taken the SAT seven times: You’re no longer required to send all of your test scores to Penn. Over the summer, Penn reversed its position on Score Choice, which required students to include all of their recorded standardized test […]

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Innovative digital admissions platform helps students reach Ivy League

(PRESS RELEASE eCampus News)–U.S. colleges have seen a 108 percent increase in applicants over the past 15 years, while acceptance to highly selective colleges has dropped by 15 percent during the same time period. With millions of students and their parents baffled by the increasingly complex landscape of navigating and ensuring competitive applications, GATE College System […]

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May 2017 Marketing & Strategic Brief

Discord Over Concordance– New SAT Score Results were released this month.  Preliminary results showed an increased in the average score BUT (yes, there is a big but) the concordance between old and new SAT’s is at issue. Said differently, a 1400 on the New SAT is closer to  1370 on the previous (old) SAT.  So, while students […]

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