SAT, ACT Test Prep Tutoring Certification

There are technically no requirements to tutor either the SAT or the ACT but we’re aiming to change that!

We saw a need for a standard understanding of the concepts, test taking strategies and the specific test prep tactics used to approach the unique question types on the SAT and the ACT. This is why we developed the SAT/ACT Training Anytime LMS.

Training Anytime can help academic subject tutors add test prep tutoring as a competency OR assist experienced instructors hoping to cross-train from SAT to ACT or vice-versa.

The training is remote, includes a real time dashboard, and is administered by a TPAPT Master Trainer. The program features a checklist based syllabus, quizzes, test builders, and detailed video/audio lessons which comprehensively cover the lessons and the specific tactics used to solve SAT & ACT question types.

TPAPT conducts a “certification meeting” upon the completion of the course. Group training rates are available.

Sign Up or contact to learn more.

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