Turn-Key SAT and ACT Programs

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For over 25 years, The SAT and ACT Success programs have helped tens of thousands of students raise their scores while helping business owners increase their revenue.  
As a special offering for Test Prep Professional members, these best selling products are being offered at exclusive pricing.
Both programs contain everything you’ll need for a thriving test prep program, including:
– Student textbooks which review the exact skills tested on each exam, strategy sections for total success, skill builders, quizzes, and full length practice exams.
– Teacher’s Guides that contain multiple lesson plans, classroom activities suggestions, and fully explained answers to all items in the textbooks.
– A Full Teacher/Tutor Training that helps take the mystery out of how to teach test prep
– Access to retired SATs and ACTs with full score reports
– Essay Grading
Please watch the brief video Introduction and then feel free to fill out our interest form for even more information.  In less than a week, you could be on your way to a thriving test prep business.  

Please click the TPP Interest Form (Step #1) link below and watch the introduction video. If you like what you see, complete the rest of the form and in less than a week, you will be on your way to a thriving test prep business!

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Shipping is FREE! All Materials leave the office within 5 business days after orders are submitted. Test and Essays are scored within 3-5 business days.

Material Order Information:
Timeline*:    Items will be shipped (leave our office) within 5 business days.
Test & Essay Processing Information
Required Information: Each page of the answer sheet should include 4 items: student name, site code, test code, and test date.
Timeline*:    Score reports will be sent within 3 business days. Tests with essays may take up to 5 business days.*Timelines may be extended if directions are not followed or more information is necessary to process orders or tests.




Grow Your Test Prep Business! OrganisciakGrow Your Test Prep Business!Business Guidance for Tutors, Test Prep Instructors, and Admissions Counselors


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