Tutor Recruitment is Important. Tutor Retention is Critical.

  There is a unique and profound stress that comes from hearing one’s tutor has missed an assignment (tutor no show). Worse still: the assignment was missed and the tutor has become unresponsive. What essentially follows is a conversation with the parents during which a tutoring company owner is placed in the unenviable position of […]

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Summer Class Options Are Key to Ensuring Summer Cash Flow

Summer can be a difficult time for small tutoring companies.  In fact, even well run companies sometimes struggle with cash flow in July and August.   A primary reason for this is that small businesses often  use cash based accounting  Since cash flow generally aligns with revenue which aligns with the business cycle,  once the business cycle dips, so to does […]

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Industry Updates

ABA approves LSAT optional threshold for law schools New MCAT update Recap of SAT, PSAT, ACT updates The LSAT Perhaps in response to the dwindling number of Law School applications, several Law Schools have moved to make the LSAT optional for admissions.   The ABA has ruled that Law Schools may fill up to 10% of their classes with […]

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Updates on the rSAT, rPSAT, and the ACT

In late February, the College Board announced some new information about the Redesigned SAT (rSAT)as well as the Redesigned PSAT.  (rPSAT).  With thanks to  the folks at Compass Education Group, this is what we understand to be the latest: 1.  Rather than four practice tests, the CB will be developing eight practice tests; four of those tests will be developed by Khan […]

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ACT, SAT, Redesigned SAT?

There is likely to be a spate (yes a spate) of calls to your office with questions about which test (ACT, SAT, Redesigned SAT) is recommended for the class of 2016.  This class could theoretically take the current SAT in 2015 and then the Redesigned SAT in Spring of 2016. The answer to this  question is relative to […]

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