There are a variety of options for tutors these days (in-home, in-center, in-school session assignment and contractor vs. employee status).   There are also more ways than ever to tutor for more than one place without jeopardizing relationships or income.   We help private tutors navigate these options by finding well-suited positions with collegial, tutor-centric firms.

The tutoring positions we post are exclusively with established firms and not-for-profits.   Although the criteria to tutor may vary between companies, we will provide you with very clear expectations with regard to scheduling, pay-rates, and any extras such as mileage, cell phone, parking allowances etc.

All of our positions are at better-than-average hourly rates as well as consistent tutoring assignments. We don’t charge a fee but would appreciate it if you spread the work!

If interested, please fill out the form below and give us 24 hours to respond.  Don’t forget to include any past experience as a tutor; everything is relevant!