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Streamline Tutors, LLC is a small, mission-based, 1×1 tutoring company that is looking to innovate and deliver a transformative tutoring / test-prep experience for high school students. We already deliver industry-leading SAT/ACT results but are looking to raise the bar even higher by leveraging software we’ve developed in-house, and combining it with our unique relationship-based, growth-mindset focused tutoring style.

Who are we looking for?
Our Tutor Development Director should be a proactive communicator who owns the actual and perceived success of our students. That means we’re looking for someone who is extremely responsible, who can find and address issues before they become larger problems and generally be capable and experienced enough to help manage any situation that might arise between a tutor and a student or tutor and parent that our tutors may have trouble handling. We’re also looking for someone who can design and implement training processes that continue to improve upon our existing processes to improve perceived and actual success of tutors. The perfect candidate will have a strong explosive personality and experience creating business opportunities through referrals and industry connections. As the TDD you will be responsible for a team of tutors and will be compensated not only on your own growth and score improvements with your students but also how well your team has done with their students.

-Implement and manage multi-tiered training process for all current and new tutors
-Continuously coach tutors on how to be effective in their efforts to climb the tutor rating ladder within the company. Within this, institute remedial practices for tutors who are having trouble elevating their tutor performance to the next phase.
-Find ways to make identifying top tutoring talent and training more effective (create screening tests, improve training processes)
-Perform outward-facing market research both to help develop outward facing service lines for tutors outside of our organization as well as identify best practices internally.

Skill set of TDD
-Excellent capacities and experience as a tutor, lending to strong cognitive and interpersonal skills
-Ability to provide constructive feedback effectively
-Creative and critical thinker who can incorporate both styles of thinking to help other tutors solve problems with their students or clients.
-Proven leadership and management abilities that inspire personal and professional growth among our staff
-Passionate about student success
-Experienced masterful tutor in a wide range of subjects
-Possesses a growth mindset about his/her own management of tutors as well as the path of each tutor
-Thinks critically about ways to make our tutors better and/or make tutoring processes more efficient or less burdensome for either tutor or student.
-Persuasive in abilities to indoctrinate tutors about the power of tutoring in general and our process and philosophy specifically.
-Generally a perceptive communicator who can help guide others to upskill in communication and emotional awareness

Who you are
Passionate about tutor development and success
Proactive communicator
Highly intellectual capable
High emotional intelligence
An extremely effective tutor and teacher of tutors

Please send your cover letter and resume to Stacy@StreamlineTutors.com

To apply for this job email your details to Stacy@StreamlineTutors.com