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A TPAPT Member is looking for 1:1 test preparation, academic tutoring, and student mentoring service in the Bay Area.  The ideal candidate has evident enthusiasm for teaching and learning,  building confidence with high-stakes testing, and great professionalism. Our mission is to use 1:1 tutoring to make students better learners. We build confidence and skill in our students with charismatic teaching backed by research and best-practices in education and educational psychology.

While we are independent and maintain our own high standards of success, we collaborate closely with schools, teachers, and the community at large to ensure students achieve their best. We are currently a small and hyper-local company with a strong word-of-mouth reputation in the community. As an organization, we are committed to the professional growth of our team members and hope to find a colleague ready to build a fantastic career in education.

Responsibilities of this Role

  • Engage students in weekly 1 hr or 1.5 hr meetings to carry out a personalized learning plan, developed in collaboration with parents, students, and company leadership.
  • Create a high-energy, fun, and positive learning environment for student growth and engagement. Communicate confidence and enthusiasm for learning.
  • Develop student executive skills with personalized attention to student planning, organization, and time management.
  • Set and achieve learning goals in collaboration with students, parents, and company leadership.

  • Use weekly assessments to determine student mastery of learning objectives.
  • Select materials and activities for each student, tailored to their particular learning goals.
  • Provide students post-session activities to maintain or further develop mastery, knowledge, and engagement in the learning program.
  • Capture artifacts of student learning as evidence of progress toward mastery of skills.
  • Track student data using online management software.
  • Report weekly and monthly learning goals to parents and company leadership.
  • Maintain professional rapport with parents and students in verbal and digital communication, including email, phone, and calendar.
  • Maintain professional video presence during all video calls.
  • Contribute to the ongoing demand for curated materials.
  • Serve as the student’s academic mentor, leading the vision for their long-term success in learning.

Required Skills and Qualifications

You are:

  • serious about teaching and learning and helping students see immediate results.
  • enthusiastic, personable, and charismatic.
  • an expert in 6th-12th grade math education.
  • professional, well-organized, and skilled in verbal and written communication.
  • able collaborate with leadership and team members.

  • team-oriented and willing to meet the needs of our parents, students, and leadership with flexibility and responsiveness.
  • confident in teaching high-stakes testing techniques.
  • comfortable using digital tools such as G-Suite, Slack, and others.
  • able to commit to a full year of teaching at least 15 hours per week.
  • able to work evenings and weekends during the school year.
  • able to travel to students’ homes.
  • able to teach remotely and work remotely as needed.

Preferred Qualifications:

You have:

  • demonstrated success teaching students with learning differences.
  • demonstrated success tutoring SAT/ACT/ISEE/SSAT.

We offer:

  • a proven curriculum and program for academic and test preparation tutoring.
  • high levels of support within our organization.
  • respect for teacher autonomy and creative problem-solving.
  • competitive rates of pay for the San Francisco Bay Area ($50-60 /hr), opportunities to build a career within our organization.
  • the opportunity to work with great families, students, and schools.
  • beautiful teaching spaces in Menlo Park.


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