What Harvard’s Rejected Students Should’ve Learned From Anthony Weiner

(Fortune) by Andrew Selepak.

 Most people should know that if they don’t want something to be seen or read, they shouldn’t post it online. There is perhaps no more cautionary tale than former New York congressman Anthony Weiner, whose online sexting took down his own political career, and quite possibly impacted the 2016 presidential election, tilting the country’s sentiment against Hillary Clinton.  But some lessons are hard-learned by too many.

Earlier this month, the Harvard Crimson reported that Harvard University rescinded acceptance letters to at least 10 members of the incoming class of 2021 after an investigation into messages posted by the students in a private Facebook (FB) group. In the private group, students posted memes and other images concerning rape and dead children, mocking the Holocaust, and jokes directed toward ethic and racial groups.

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