Pilot Program: Become a TPAPT Expert!

TPAPT has grown into a worldwide network of serious educators truly vested in things like student outcomes, educational access, and meaningful learning strategies.

Because we’ve been around for 10 years, we also seem to receive a number of tutoring and college advising requests. Unfortunately, we’re not a in the business of tutoring…we just happen to know hundreds of great tutors!

To that end, we’re hoping to match our network with those tutoring requests.

Our tutor referral program will match clients with the best local or web based tutors based on experience, educational background, and verifiable student outcomes.

How it Works:

  • Apply using the application below.
  • Accepted tutors build a site profile on our site (not unlike Wyzant).
  • Parents seek reputable tutors and IECs through our “Find an Expert Program.”
  • We forward those requests directly to you, based on your expertise and location.
  • You contact the prospective client and discuss services, accept payment, and schedule the sessions.

The Program is Competitive. These are the Key Elements of a TPAPT Expert:

  • Embraces Growth Mindset pedagogy.
  • Has exceptional communication skills.
  • Gives a full-throated commitment to student outcomes.
  • Has a track record of professionalism, positive reviews, or/and student success.
  • Has a deep knowledge of the subject matter.

Full Transparency:

  • If, after 60 days, the program proves the concept, we will likely shift an affiliate agreement which would mean some % of the revenue would come back to TPAPT.

Learn more by writing us at teach@testprepprofessionals.com or apply below.


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