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ACT May Be Used to ‘Confirm’ National Merit Status

By Scott Jaschik (Inside Higher Ed.).¬† The National Merit Scholarship Corporation is changing the rules on the final step of winning a National Merit Scholarship. Applicants are still selected as semifinalists based on PSAT scores. In the past, semifinalists had to submit SAT scores to "confirm" their eligibility. Going forward, they may submit ACT scores instead. A spokeswoman said that this change reflects the way…
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The SAT Mess That’s Not Going Away

By Scott Jaschik (Inside Higher Ed.). The SAT periodically faces controversies, such as when the mathematics test given in June was widely seen as easier than normal and -- courtesy of the curve -- resulted in many students being shocked by low scores. Outrage spread on social media, but after a week or so, many move on. But this year, another controversy has emerged before…
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Was the August SAT Compromised?

By Scott Jaschik (Inside Higher Ed). As students left testing centers nationwide Saturday, having finished taking the SAT, reports started to circulate that some may have had an unfair advantage because of leaked versions of the test that had been circulating in South Korea and China. Posts to Twitter and elsewhere on social media featured images with Saturday's test questions, indicating that they had been…
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The Newly Paperless SAT Raises Alarm About Digital

By Noah Knopf. ¬†Harvard Political Review The two major college entrance exams in the United States are going digital. Since 2015, ACT Inc. has been offering a digital version of its exam that is now being taken by 8 percent of ACT test takers. The College Board, makers of the rival SAT exam, now alsooffers a computer option. But the move towards digital college entrance…
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An ‘Easy’ SAT and Terrible Scores

By Scott Jaschik (Inside Higher Ed). When students took the SAT in June, many of them reported that the mathematics portion seemed unusually easy. They were correct. But on Wednesday, many discovered that an SAT that is easier than expected can turn an expected 760 score into a 610 or worse. For rising high school seniors hoping for just another 40 points or so to…
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