Archive: The New SAT One Year Later

(Education World) By Navinda Persaud. Saturday, March 11 will mark the one year anniversary of the redesigned SAT. So, how has the test fared one year later? Are the results what we all expected or is there still work to be done? “Students prefer the new SAT by a 7 to 1 margin, saying it’s “easier,” “more straightforward,” and “way […]

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Regroup After an Early Admission College Rejection

(US News) By Brian Witt — There are two potential advantages to early decision and early action. If it succeeds, you gain entry to your first-choice college with a single application. If not, you gain valuable data that will improve your regular admissions chances. If you fall into the second group and find yourself having to scramble, don’t […]

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College Board to boost SAT security to combat cheating

(Associated Press ) By Joe Mandak —  PITTSBURGH — The firm that owns the SAT college entrance exam is boosting security worldwide following test-stealing and other cheating in recent years. The College Board said it’s reducing the number of international testing dates from six per year to four for the 2017-18 and 2018-19 school years. […]

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