The Q&A: David Coleman and Sal Khan

(The Texas Tribune)  By Jacob Sanchez.   David Coleman is the president of the College Board and Sal Khan is the founder of Khan Academy. Earlier this month, the College Board launched a new version of the SAT. One of the major changes to the SAT is how students prepare for the test. Now they can access free personalized […]

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Is It A Match? When Companies Marry, Align Data Opportunities With Consumers Expectations

(Forbes) By Tim Sparapani. It is time to rethink the concept of consent and to change data privacy law to better align corporate data practices with consumers’ expectations. We should increase the flexibility to innovate for companies that directly interact with consumers while restricting the chances that companies with no relationship with consumers have to misuse […]

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SAT Test-Taking Declines in Settings Not Sponsored by States or Districts

(Education Week) by Catherine Gewertz. The number of students taking the SAT in programs sponsored by their states or districts has soared by 89 percent between last March and this March, while the number opting to take it on their own, outside of those programs, has dropped 22 percent in the same time period. Those […]

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Will the New SAT Better Serve Poor Students?

 (The Atlantic)  By Mikhail Zinshteyn. The exam has been decried as out of touch and unfair. Now, the College Board is fighting back. The SAT has been called out of touch, instructionally irrelevant, and a contributor to the diversity gaps on college campuses because the test arguably benefits wealthier students who can afford heaps of […]

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