White Paper – Email Marketing for Tutors & Test Prep Professionals

Essentially, one can think of Automated CRM as smart email + having an amazing assistant. This assistant will track client interaction through the business’ virtual footprint (for example: Facebook, YELP, G+, website) then, in real time, the assistant schedules the appropriate follow-up date and message. Assume the assistant never leaves work and performs and that […]

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SAT Score Reporting & College Access

Abstract: A growing economics literature reveals that small and subtle policy adjustments can induce relatively large “ripple effects.” We contribute to this literature by evaluating a College Board initiative, launched in the fall of 2007, which increased the number of free official SAT score reports afforded to low-income students and changed the time horizon over […]

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Test Optional Research – Longitudinal Study

Abstract:   This study examines the outcomes of optional standardized testing policies in the Admissions offices at 33 public and private colleges and universities, based on cumulative GPA and graduation rates. The study also examines which students are more likely to make use of an optional testing policy, and how optional testing policies can offer […]

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