The Reality of Test-Optional College Admissions

The Reality of the Testing-Optional Trend   Abstract The trend of Testing-Optional institutions (colleges that do not require students to submit SAT or ACT results) has been increasing, from one school in 1969 to over 850 at present. Schools routinely opt into a Testing-Optional policy under the stated goals of increased socioeconomic and ethnic diversity […]

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Male vs. Female – WHO Scores Higher on the ACT?!

Guest Blog by Kristine Thorndyke.     Curious to know which sex does better on the ACT test? Have a look at this infographic to see how the average scores vary by gender.   When every student fills out the student identification form for the ACT, they must answer some questions regarding their age, race/ethnicity, […]

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2017 College Admissions Director Survey

Among the questions asked in the survey: -Did institutions meet their enrollment goals for the current academic year? -What undergraduate student populations are the focus of admissions recruitment efforts? -Are institutions too dependent on international full-pay students? More out-of-state students? -How does the outcome of the 2016 election affect institutions’ strategies for recruiting students from […]

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