Do College Admissions Criteria Capture Creativity? – Scientific American

  From Scientific American.   What does it take to get into college? High school grades and standardized tests are still the most common metrics. While this information is often considered alongside other sources of information (interviews, personal statement, essay, letters of recommendation), these other indicators of college potential are typically not considered if high school […]

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The New MCAT Topic That Nobody Is Talking About

Pre Med Life reports, When the AAMC revised the MCAT in April 2015, there was much fanfare and hype about two new subjects on the test: biochemistry and psychology. Seemingly under the radar, the AAMC actually added another new topic to the exam that most students are unaware of: experimental design. Read the rest of the article here.

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Medical School Admissions Officers, Students React To New MCAT

The Daily Targum reports, Pre-medical students at Rutgers, and across the country, will be facing a newly revised and more challenging Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT). In addition to being broader and more difficult, the new MCAT is twice as long as the old edition and has a heavier section on biochemistry. The revised test, which was launched […]

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Aspiring Business School Applicants Increasingly Using GRE® Scores

As reported by PR Newswire, Students around the world looking to earn their MBA or specialized master’s degree in business are turning to the GRE ® Program to achieve their academic goals. As of the testing year ending June 30, 2015, the number of individual GRE test takers intending to study business grew by more than […]

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Here’s How To Master 5 of the Trickiest GMAT Questions

As reported by Business Insider, Business Insider asked Brian Galvin, VP of academics at Veritas Prep, to show us some of the hardest GMAT questions he’s ever encountered. Then we had him show us how to nail them. (That quiz is here.) Here, Galvin walks us through his thought processes: Read the rest of the article […]

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