August 2017 | Test Prep & Tutoring Marketing Strategy

Test Prep Professionals || August 2017 Strategic Brief

Because there is an SAT test administration on August 26th, we expect August 2017 to be far better than August 2016. For that reason, it is ideal for SAT & ACT Short Courses, Tutoring Bundles, and Classroom Bootcamps.

Industry leading test prep companies are likely to offer discounts on SAT/ACT Private Tutoring Bundles and we recommend that boutique firms follow suit. If you don’t currently have Tutoring Bundles or Packages, it may be an ideal time to test with a proof of concept campaign.

In terms of college admissions, The College Search Process is well underway. Rising seniors should have their school lists, the common application complete (sans personal statement), and will be looking for essay guidance as well as instruction on early admissions, early decision positioning.

Juniors may be weighing ACT vs. SAT, how many administrations, etc.

Independent tutors should be business than in the past as a result of the test prep overflow. Key in on areas of strength and specialize ahead of the SAT. For example, consider offering SAT Math Only Tutoring or SAT Reading & Writing Tutoring Packages.

If you are not an SAT or ACT tutor, helping Students Avoid the Summer Slide should see an uptick in the weeks before schools start.
Based on the reasons above we suggest adding or amending the product mix to include:

• College Essay Workshops
• SAT Math or Reading & Writing Only (don’t go overboard with these)
• SAT Bootcamps not later than two weeks before the test

• August Weekend-Only SAT Bootcamps
• Summer Personal Statement, Essay, and Rising Senior College Counseling Programs.

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Beyond the Product Positioning mentioned above, one should take note that industry giants will focus heavily on converting leads captured earlier in the year. Expect discounts and special program offers from the heavy-hitters.

Regional firms should look to follow the “industry giant” example and use an aggressive pricing strategy as a means to increase market share. If you are uncomfortable discounting, try a value-add such as a free hour of tutoring.

We recommend the following Free Events:

• Free ACT or SAT Practice Testing (schedule multiple dates and promote) – August & September

• SAT or ACT Scores Back Seminar (From your July, August Practice Test Events).

• SAT vs. ACT – Which Test is Best? Once per month, August & September

• Free Personal Statement Workshops and SAT/ACT Essay, Writing Workshops

If you need additional information about any of the above, feel free to set up a time to speak.


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