Welcome to Tutocracy a Buying Cooperative launched by Test Prep & Tutoring Professionals.  We formed to allow our members, clients, and colleagues the ability to share / sell well designed products and services at a reduced rate.    We hope this will help folks accelerate new products, monetize IP, and otherwise empower the community to stay competitive in 2017 and beyond!

To become a Service or Product Provider:

  1. Register as a testprepprofessionals.com Premium Member
  2. Tell us  about your service / product via this Web Form

Then what?

  1. We’ll respond within 24 hours
  2. Providers will need the following:
  • .jpg pr .png image of product or service
  • One-sheet with product or service features
  • Pricing for product or service

3.  After approval, we will create a direct link to our secure Buying Cooperative where Independent Tutors and College              Counselors can shop.

How does a provider get paid?

  1. TPP will provide real-time  payments via Stripe or PayPal.

Does it cost anything?

  1. Yes.  Premium Membership is required ($60/year).  The commission split is 85% to the Provider and 15% to Tutocracy.


For Cooperative Shoppers

What happens when I order something from the Buying Cooperative?

  1.  Digital products will be sent in real time, often same day
  2.  Non-digital products will have details on shipping, delivery, etc.
  3.  Subscription based products are generally activated immediately

What payment portal is being used?

  1.  STRIPE


If you still have questions, kindly email Kevin here:  info@tutocracy.com